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  • Roman Nose: The Interview

    Roman Nose: The Interview

    Scott Wanstall has some questions for the Dalduff headliners


    How was the band created? Did you already know each other, or was there some sort of…

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  • Dalduff: The post-mortem

    Dalduff: The post-mortem

    Scott Wanstall co-owner of Ailsa Entertainments, looks back on the event


    I feel that A Night of Archaic Resonance was a success.

    As a fresh-faced business owner I threw myself…

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  • A Night of Archaic Resonance

    A Night of Archaic Resonance

    Dalduff goes electric


    NOBODY knew quite what to expect from A Night of Archaic Resonance. Great bands, yes, a cool setting, yes, good…

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  • Soldiers of Fortune

    Soldiers of Fortune

    Marching on with the Mods


    IT'S been a great year for Soldier On, with gigs at King Tut's, The Hard Rock Cafe and a series of dates for…

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  • World Music

    World Music

    Cumnock Tryst will bring global stars to Ayrshire


    "A compact little festival of great music" was how composer and conductor Dr James MacMillan modestly…

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  • Watching the skies

    Watching the skies

    Debut CD from Preacher is simply out of this world


    SIGNALS, a richly layered, highly polished concept album is the hugely impressive debut from Preacher – but…

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