Seaside Sons, Live at the Market Inn

By Gerry Cassidy

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Seaside Sons, Live at the Market Inn

THE Seaside Sons returned to the venue that gave them their first break 18 months ago to treat fans to the first public airing of their new CD, Out of Time.

They ripped through a pulsating, energetic set upstairs at Ayr's Market Inn with every note and drumbeat falling on an eager audience.

Strictly speaking, it's the band's second release since they formed in late 2013, first as a duo between vocalist and lyricist Jason and guitarist (now bass player) Craig. Jason says: "Everyone said to us that the songs we were writing really needed a band." And so it came to pass. Enter Campbell on drums and Pav on guitar as the band fleshed out a meatier sound.

The Sons issued a four-track EP to a really good reception and recently returned to the Wash House Studios in Crawfordjohn to record another eight tracks. They brought all 12 together for a rocking debut album driven by urgent guitar carving out pretty decent tunes carried along by insistent vocals.

"We're indy rock'n'roll, really," adds Jason. "We take our influences from the 60s and the 90s, from the likes of The Who, The Kinks, the Rolling Stones, the Doors and The Small Faces. Especially The Small Faces. But we are also heavily influenced by the Britpop sound of the 90s such as Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene and so on."

Keyboards player Kev Kerr, who has another (paying!) job as a musician is the honorary fifth member of the band. "His keyboard playing just gives us that extra edge," says Jason. "That is what gives us The Small Faces sound we really like." Clearly, the fans really like it too, judging by the reaction at the launch. Jason says the launch night was a thankyou to the fans who have been with them along
the way.

"Sometimes you feel that you are always asking your mates to buy tickets to come and see you at gigs, so we decided this one would be free. Our way of saying thanks for their support."

Next big event on the calendar is a spot on This Feeling, when it comes to the Record Factory in Byres Road on Saturday April 4.

And keep your eyes on festival line-ups around the country this summer.

"This year we want to go for festivals in a big way," adds Jason. "We haven't done festivals yet but that is something that we would really like to do."

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