Echo Valley, Live at West of the Moon

By Ryan McDougall

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Echo Valley, Live at West of the Moon

ECHO VALLEY launched the first Live Side of the Moon events with a blistering performance. Accompanied by The Ranzas and Orthodox, it was set to be an honest, gritty Rock 'n' Roll themed night.

I was greeted by Liam McCluskey, Echo Valley's rhythm guitarist and the organizer of the event, who warmly welcomed me with a handshake, free entry and pizza. (Always a sign of a good promoter!)

Orthodox set the tone for the evening, followed by The Ranzas, both of which provided some well executed Indie Rock vibes. Echo Valley came shortly afterwards, and their performance was top notch. The vocals were near enough flawless, the guitar-work was groundbreaking, the bass was so powerful you could feel it in your chest and the drum-work was outstanding.

With a strong live performance, complemented by an equally good stage presence and crowd interaction, they delivered a set that was professional, entertaining and made being part of the crowd fun.

McCluskey, confident that the evening was a success, said: "I think the set went really well, everyone was really getting into our new material which was great to see! We were really surprised, as it was the first night, that the venue was reaching capacity. It was a great way to kick off the Live Side of the Moon events!"

To say the least, it was a highly enjoyable evening, with a great atmosphere, decent people, reasonably priced drinks and most importantly, monumental music from Echo Valley and the others bands alike. I have a strong feeling that 2015 will be a good year for these guys, and hopefully Live Side of the Moon Events will take off as well!

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