Roman Nose: The Interview

Scott Wanstall has some questions for the Dalduff headliners

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Roman Nose: The Interview

How was the band created? Did you already know each other, or was there some sort of mystical meeting?

We had moved in the same circles for a while but we properly met at a friend's exhibition, exchanged some stories and promised to hang out again. A few months later we were offered a support slot for the Glitch Mob but we weren't really a 'band' at that point so we bought a projector and some ski masks - easy as that.

As a band from the glorious city that is Glasgow, do you have any interesting stories to share with the readers?

Because the three of us are pretty headstrong, we fall out pretty easily. We took the caravan down to play a festival in Derby a few months ago and had a massive fight inside it after the show. Suffice it to say, it's very hard to throw a good punch when you're standing in a 2 metre squared box. That's probably been our highest point.

To continue with the previous questions theme, what advice would you have for an aspiring band / project trying to break into the Glasgow scene? Did you have to work hard, or did you know key figures in the city?

Cetin is Turkish, so he has absolutely no qualms with knocking on certain doors. Perhaps 'intimidation' is a strong term but it's perhaps the correct way to describe how we have got certain gigs, that and obviously working hard!

What are your initial thoughts of smaller local events such as A Night of Archaic Resonance? Are they still relevant to a band's overall growth if they are already making waves in the bigger cities and festivals?

We turn down more gigs than we take on and that's been our rule of thumb since the beginning. If the venue suits us then we go for it. "A Night of Archaic Resonance" certainly fits our criteria when it comes to the physical space itself.

With reference to the band's glowing reviews, are you happy with the progressof Roman Nose? Did you expect people to react so well to the group's overall representation or was it all part of a well laid out marketing plan?

We never really intended on being a band as such, so it's all positive. It's just a hobby that we are good at and as long as that remains true, then there's no such thing as a shit gig or a bad review.

Can you talk a bit about the visual aspect of Roman Nose? Why have you decided to wear masks and project various symbols of an occult / masonic nature throughout your shows?

The masks obviously aren't the most original idea ever realised but it suits us for a number of reasons. Its make-believe and it allows you to act differently. It also allows us to easily replace the first one of us to quit. The occult imagery is purely aesthetic. We like dark music of all genres from metal to witch house so the 2 go hand in hand really.

At a previous show I noticed a lot of video clips that almost serve as a warning to the attendees, with subjects ranging from Fascism & Animal Rights to Orwellian visions of the future (the all seeing eye of "Big Brother" for instance). Are these subjects that the band's members feel passionate about?

It's another way of presenting ourselves, another avenue for artistic expression. We are trying to create a visual language to fit the music. It's for people to interpret however they see fit. Although at times some personal propaganda might slip through the net! But then there's no point in having a platform to engage with people if all you're going to do is write a fucking album about how much you miss your ex and having a photo of her on the wall!

What are your plans (If any) for the future? Do you have any long term goals set out or do you just prefer go with the flow? Do you plan to record with acoustic drums from now on?

We are always trying to evolve, either in the studio or on stage. As an electronic band we try our best to play as live as possible. That's meant using acoustic drums, live projections and even electric guitar and bass. We try our best to make every show a bit different and the more control you have over all aspects, the easier that is to do.

Ok, the last words are for you! Tell us something important!

Alice Glass left Crystal Castles last week so we are going to Toronto to find her.