Dalduff: The post-mortem

Scott Wanstall co-owner of Ailsa Entertainments, looks back on the event

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Dalduff: The post-mortem

I feel that A Night of Archaic Resonance was a success.

As a fresh-faced business owner I threw myself into a world where only the strong willed survive and I only just broke even.

However, I can still feel the amazing atmosphere that was created by people from different backgrounds and age groups coming together and simply enjoying great music, which made it all worth it!

The acts themselves were absolutely fantastic, with Acid House, Glitch, Kraut, Electro Rock & Electro Dub all performing through fire, strobe & laser riddled fog.

We pulled together a show that will not be forgotten in a hurry!!!

As a business owner, I continue to find flaws in my work which I will rectify in the future, but as an individual and a music lover I could not have asked for more!

I managed to gather a collective of artists and people who I felt would provide the people of Ayrshire with a chance to experience what is out there at the moment…

Scotland is alive with amazing and vibrant musical/creative talent, and this event has proved that we can forge new paths for ourselves if we only TRY!Now it's your turn!

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