A Night of Archaic Resonance

Dalduff goes electric

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A Night of Archaic Resonance

NOBODY knew quite what to expect from A Night of Archaic Resonance. Great bands, yes, a cool setting, yes, good ticket sales, yes. And yet... there was that niggling feeling that it could all go wrong.

What if... the sound was crap, the weather was vile or nobody turned up? But guess what? It was a howling success. So there were a few light showers. So what? I piss on your half-hearted rain clouds.

The crowd were here to party and that's exactly what they did. And what a crowd. It was Hallowe'en and the costumes came in every accent of crazy. Scary, funny, tragic, awesome, it was fancy dress through a prism. All of life was here.

Inside the T-shaped converted barn at Dalduff Farm the foot-thick walls seemed to vibrate with the throbbing rhythms. Lasers sliced their multi-coloured paths mercilessly through the frenzied crowd in an endless shower of fluorescent streamers. It was party time for the psychedelic at heart and everyone was lapping up every minute of it, knowing they were all part of a very special music event.

Outside the barn, the air was refreshingly cool as wired-up ravers paused for a cigarette or a breath of air in the moonlit courtyard. A couple of minutes for a chat, a drink, a seat in the chill room or a visit to the loo. Then back in to the barn where the DJs and bands were squeezing every last drop out of the sound as the midnight deadline approached.

This was the first ever Night of Archaic Resonance. Ayrshire hasn't seen anything quite like this before. But if there is any justice in the world this will be just the first of many nights of Archaic Resonance. Dalduff, be warned.

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