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Soldiers of Fortune

IT'S been a great year for Soldier On, with gigs at King Tut's, The Hard Rock Cafe and a series of dates for March of the Mods including appearances in Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool.

They also released their first EP, Eggs for Breakfast, with a brilliant video directed by Árpád Horváth. Among the other highlights were dates at scooter rallies, a gig at the Buff Club in Glasgow and a surreal slot at Motherwell Beer Festival."That was a cracking event", lead vocalist Jordan Bastock laughs.

"There must have been 500-600 people there to try all kinds of beers – Jamaican, Canadian and Northern Irish – it was crazy. Everybody was really tanking it and there we were playing our music. But we got a really good reception from them and it was a great chance to play our own songs in front of a very different audience."

Gig-wise, Soldier On's scheduled work for 2014 came to an end with a rousing gig at The Clubhouse in their home town of Irvine on November 7. But that didn't signal early holidays for Jordan and the rest of the band – bass player Liam Lambert, guitarists Ben Prescott and Stevie Hunter and drummer Ross Butler.

They're already planning their next EP, preparing for a nine-date March of the Mods tour and getting to work on their own short film, The Clingfilm Kid, a mini rock opera, which they're planning to release in May. Jordan has written the storyboard and the script for the film and the band will take his songs into the studio and continue to work on them until they are finely-honed Soldier On songs.

Jordan explains the thought process behind the film: "The story is basically about three differentiating states of mind. Each state of mind represents different emotions. These emotions are present through the music, the storyline and the actions taken by the Clingfilm Kid. The film will include physical recordings and animations."

He adds: "I want it to have the same dramatic underpinning as Quadraphenia and I want the songs to follow on like they do in Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here."

But it's March of the Mods that you suspect is uppermost in the band members' minds. They're steeped in mod culture and take their influences from like-minded bands and musicians such as the Jam, Oasis, Paul Weller and the Gallaghers among others. But it's not all about style. MOTM was dreamed up a couple of years ago to raise awareness and cash for the Teenage Cancer trust. An increasing number of venues and acts across Britain have joined in along the years and in 2015 Soldier On have already committed to events in Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Southampton.

Meanwhile, there's that second EP to record and market. If you haven't already seen the video for Eggs For Breakfast, do yourself a favour and seek it out on YouTube now. It clocked up close on 4000 views within the first couple of months and it's not hard to see why it is so popular. It sums up the wit and creativity of the band.

Check it out here:

You can also catch up on band news, dates and events on their website: and via their Facebook page.

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